I am a photographer specializing in portraiture, studio, and underwater photography. I currently shoot by appointment only, for Studio 23, and for Stow Photo. I also work part time as a digital imaging specialist for Photo Express.

When not at work or sleeping, I can usually be found under the surface of any body of water that might be handy. Oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, mud puddles larger than 5 feet . . . it doesn't matter to me. I consider my underwater camera necessary dive equipment, much like my air tank. This page contains some of the best underwater photos I have taken to date, along with some promised trips I never have had the chance to scan and put up.

Updates to this page, have been, and will continue to be, sporadic. I'd rather be diving than sorting slides, scanning them and writing html in my spare time. What I can promise is that I will never post crappy, half-baked work here just for the sake of posting something. I hope you enjoy my photos.

All photos on these pages are copyrighted to either myself or to one of the businessesfor which I have interned or worked. None of the photos are in any way public domain, nor may they be used for any purpose commercial or otherwise, without written permission from myself and/or the employer in question.

Cayman Islands

My husband won a trip to the Nikon School in Cayman Brac. We recently used his prize and spent a week in Cayman Brac using equipment we can't afford. In particular, I got to use the Nikonos 15mm with dual strobes for 3 of the 6 days of the course. We also spent a week in Grand Cayman doing our own thing at places like Stingray City and the Turtle Farm.

Click here for some samples of my Nikon School photos.

New England Diving
These photos are all taken in near home in New England. I go diving almost every weekend in the summer and even some in the winter. This is just the photos I had time to scan. I have hundreds more photos of underwater flora and fauna in New England.

Click here for a list of critters currently posted.

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New England Aquarium
Many of these photos were taken as part of an internship I did at the New England Aquarium in 1992. There are also some photos from the Giant Ocean Tank (G.O.T.) that were taken at various other times, as well as some photos taken as far back as 1991 for a school project.
Click here to visit the New England Aquarium's web site.
Take the Aquarium Photo Tour Myrtle the Giant Sea Turtle The Shark Page
Guthrie the Sea Lion Trumpet the Harbor Seal Penguins
Angel Fish from the G.O.T. Other G.O.T. Critters Other Aquarium Critters

Monterey/Carmel, CA
A friend and I managed to dive for a full two days in Monterey, CA, in August 1996. I managed three video dives and two film dives. All the pictures here were taken at Pt. Lobos, Carmel. I have been back with my husband 4 times now, but have not scanned any of the newer photos yet.
Jellies Starfish Nudibranchs

Coming Eventually (if I get around to it)
New England
There are thousands of slides from New England in my collection, they will appear as I get around to sorting them.
My first foray into the open ocean (not the school pool) with a Nikonos V.
Les Escoumins
Marine life of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.
Cocos Island
Can you believe I didn't see one hammerhead shark all week, courtesy of El Niño? I have some white tip and silkie sharks, as well as turtles, to post though.
Zoo Photos
Photos I have taken at zoos all over the U.S.A. and other countries. I love critters.
My first tropical trip when my Nikonos was new.

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