Fish Bar

The Harbor Seal

Trumpet is a female harbor seal who lives at the New England Aquarium. The last big news I heard about her was when she had a baby a few years ago. I have some pictures of her napping with her baby, but I haven't scanned them yet, check back in the future for pictures of Trumpet's and some of the other seals' babies.
By the way, to iron out any confusion for kids looking at these pages, this is the kind of animal that André from the movie "André" was in real life. He was played by a sea lion in the movie, but the real André was a harbor seal just like Trumpet. To see a real sea lion check out my page on Guthrie the Sea Lion.

Fish Bar

Trumpet the Seal
Yes. The trainer was bribing Trumpet off camera with a fish in this picture, but just look at that cute little mug.
Mermaid Bar
"Please, sir, could we have some more gruel?" And you thought dogs were good at begging...
Trumpet Trying to Look Pitiful
Mermaid Bar
Trumpet Closeup
"Listen, trainer lady, I know there are more fish in that bucket, and I'm staying right here until it's empty."
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