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The Giant Sea Turtle

Myrtle has lived in the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT) at the Aquarium for years.
The staff are not exactly sure of her age, but they know that she is over 50 years old. I will try to get more Myrtle data to post here, but I believe I was told she weighs over 500 lbs.

Fish Bar

Myrtle Reflects

This is Myrtle checking out her reflection in the glass at the edge of the GOT. Actually, most sea turtles are nearsighted, so she probably isn't sure what that moving reflection is. The turtles in the GOT are always bumping into walls, fake coral, and divers.

I have some great video of one of the green turtles bumping into the front of my camera with a very audible thud. Before you call me cruel, I didn't swim towards the turtle, it hit me.

Mermaid Bar

I snapped this picture on my 5th dive in the GOT. I had never before seen Myrtle follow me around with such affection. I finally realized, after watching some of the angel fish trying to eat a greenish/yellow catch bag tied to my weight belt, that she must have mistakened my bag for lettuce, one of her usual foods, and was pestering me in hopes of getting some food.

The catch bag does not, however, explain why 500 lb. Myrtle decided to sit on my head twice during this dive. It was kind of like meeting a really large St. Bernard that thinks it's a lap dog.

Myrtle Swimming
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