Fish Bar

Dressed to Impress

There is a huge penguin tray (tank) in the Aquarium that takes up a great portion of the first floor (note: this may change with current rennovations before I have time to update again). There are two different species of penguins in the tank, to my knowledge. They are black footed penguins and rock hopper penguins. I haven't scanned any photos of rock hoppers yet, but this page has a few black footed penguins.

Fish Bar

Benny the Penguin
This penguin, Benny (according to a friend at the Aquarium) followed and harassed me the whole time I was in the tray for the first time during my internship. He and a juvenile (at that time) penguin named Sinclair, were nipping my elbows, swimming circles around me, and Sinclair even decided to take a swing from my ponytail. The next time I was in the tray, Sinclair had his adult feathers, but was still easy to find, because he would not leave me alone, even latching onto my boot when I was trying to leave the tray. Benny, hovever, must have mellowed out by then.
In this photo Benny has decided to check out my lens at real close range. An interesting note, if anyone needs to know, a Hoya UV filter can stand up to a curious penguin with no visible damage, except some water spots.
Mermaid Bar
The Aquarium attempts to provide little habitats similar in conditions to what the penguins would use in their real homes. This one is made out of a large section of black PVC style pipe cut to make a little cave in the rocks. These two have apparently decided to call this cave home.
Penguin Couple
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