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The Sea Lion

Guthrie is one of the performing Sea Lions at the New England Aquarium. I think he is the oldest Sea Lion they have. He does tons of neat tricks, and even smiles kind of like a human. He's really big and very friendly and cooperative when being bribed with fish. The following are some photos I took of Guthrie in his quarters on the Discovery, the ship moored next to the Aquarium where Sea Lion shows are held.

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Guthrie Standing Up
Guthrie's trainer helped me get all of these shots. She got him to do several tricks he has been taught for me. Among them was jumping up and holding himself on a step like you see to the left. He is also doing his little smile behavior, but it's hard to see because of the angle of his head.
This is a normal photo of Guthrie, closeup.
Guthrie  Closeup
Guthrie Smiling Closeup 1
This is a better photo of Guthrie's smile. The trainer had him do this for me a few times, and he learns fast. The next time I came onboard with my camera to photograph some other sea lions, Guthrie followed me back and forth, doing his smile behavior, wherever I went near the outside of his pen. I am convinced he remembered and recognized me from the last time I was there, several weeks before, and still associated doing his smile for me and my camera with getting a fish treat.
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