Fish Bar

Other Aquarium Critters

These are some critter photos of different animals and exhibits around the Aquarium. This is kind of a potpourri page of leftover critter slides.

Fish Bar

This is a Northern Basket Star. It seems to live in fairly deep water. Although friends have seen them at around 80-90 feet deep in Québèc, I don't have a photo of one in the wild.

This is a little hermit crab from one of the local marine life tanks.

Mermaid Bar

This is a stingray from a traveling exhibit that visited the Aquarium. The caretaker let me feed the rays once. They are fed special cubes which look suspiciously like spam, but are specially formulated for the rays. The ray's mouth feels like they are gumming your hand to get the spam cube. Their skin feels like a wet mushroom.

The photo to the right was taken in the tropical tank, of a Convict Tang and another fish on whose identity I am not certain. I set up real photo strobes behind the tank for this shoot to simulate real sunlight in shallow water.

I believe this little guy who so recently graced my logo as a "Squirrel Fish" is really a Rose Fish, which is a member of the same family as most squirrel fish.

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